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Processing method that Sublimation offset ink Offsetting on the back of paper

Processing method

  ①Should be determined to overcome the disadvantage of water and ink too much on the plates.

  ②Ink cannot be too thin. Can increase the viscosity of ink.

  ③Increase the amount of sublimation ink, resulting in the ink layer printed too thick and offsetting on the back.

  ④The most effective way to prevent offsetting on the back is hanging and powder spraying when collect paper.

  ⑤Add corn flour or anti adhesive in the ink, also have effect to prevent offsetting on the back , but the amount can not exceed 5%, otherwise it will affect the ink gloss, and also prone to white spots.

  ⑥Part of the collection of paper mounted infrared dryers, its advantage is safety and electricity saving, its role is to give the paper some heat, so as to enhance the water evaporation, to speed up the drying rate, to prevent offsetting on the back of paper is also effective.

  ⑦Sublimation offset printing process, should make between the impression cylinder and the blanket cylinder pressure slightly greater than between the plates of the rollers and rubber roller pressure, which is helpful to blanket the surface of the ink on the paper thorough transfer.

  ⑧When printing on the four-color press, in order to prevent offsetting on the back of paper that should be used to match the gloss set offset printing ink.

  ⑨Correctly grasp the field density value of imprinting, to prevent ink color is too deep so that offsetting on the back of paper.

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